Episode 17 UBITQUITY Blockchain Property Titles



Interview with Christian Saucier and Matt McKibbin of Ubitquity

In Episode 17 of the FCP we interview Christian Saucier and Matt McKibbin of Ubitquity. Ubitquity is a start-up that seeks to place property titles on the blockchain. What are the advantages of placing property titles on the blockchain? How about transparency, traceability, and tracking. Transferring titles on the blockchain seeks to make property transactions much cheaper, easier, and transparent. The current method of tracking property titles is largely unchanged since the days of the Roman empire, Ubitquity seeks to bring this process into the 21st century.






Episode 16 D10e Decentralization Conference



D10e is where you will find the best of decentralization all in one place.

Today’s episode is an Interview with Tiffany Madison, Chief Solutions Strategist for D10e. D10e is a conference covering many emerging disruptive technologies which are leading to greater decentralization. The main topics covered are Fintech, Distributive Tech, Blockchain Media, and Future of Work. If you want a chance to network with some of the smartest and most innovative people in the world then join Tiffany in San Francisco July 19th-20th for D10e. Listeners of the show use offer code Free Cities to get 30% off the price! Buy your ticket before April 1st and get an additional 50% off.






Episode 15 Life in The Free State with Stephanie Murphy



Fun talk with amazing voice actor Stephanie Murphy about life in the Free State of New Hampshire


This episode of the FCP is one of the most light hearted and fun episodes yet. I talk with Stephanie Murphy about life in the Free State of New Hampshire. We talk about the liberty community in NH, her career transition from medical researcher to voice actor and some of the exciting audio projects she is working on. We also discuss the story behind the FCP intro and my own Audio Book “Pilot Error”



Stephanie’s audio books

Book of Satoshi

Pilot Error

Episode 14 Decentralized Classical Greece



Interview with Dr. Josiah Ober about the decentralized nature of ancient Greece


In this episode of the FCP, I talk with Dr. Josiah (Josh) Ober Mitsotakis Professor of Political Science and Classics at Stanford University. Dr. Ober recently authored the book “The Rise and Fall of Classical Greece.” We discuss how decentralization and competition between city states gave rise to the highest standard of living of the ancient world. A feat that would not be matched until the 20th century.




The Rise and Fall of Ancient Greece

Episode 13 Interview about Bitland


Interview with Narigamba Mwinsuubo about using the blockchain to register land ownership in Africa.


We live in amazing times! Today’s guest is using the block chain to register land in Ghana. Determining land ownership is a huge problem in the developing world. If you cannot determine who owns property you cannot have investment, growth, or security. Narigamba’s com[any Bitland is solving the Tragedy of the Commons by using GPS coordinates and the blockchain to register land. The technology is being recognized by the government of Ghana and chances are the ledgers he has created will outlast the government of Ghana. He has already carried out a successful pilot project. His company has gained international recognition, and other communities around the world have expressed interest in using the blockchain to register land.



Bitland FB


Are you a blockchain devloper? Narigamba would like your help in developing further land registries. Contact him at the address below:


Episode 9 Homeschooling



Interview with Kelly Caprio wife of the host about homeschooling and why we don’t need the state to provide education.

Some people claim we need the state to educate our children, we say no way! In this episode of the Free Cities Podcast I talk with my wife Kelly about our decision to home school our kids. We discuss resources that we use for our curriculum. Why homeschooling works better than the public option. Why its best for parents to  teach their children morality and how to think for themselves.


Saxon Math

Phonics and Fun

Hand writing