1st Episode of Free Cities Podcast

Welcome to the Free Cities Podcast!

Our mission statement at the Free Cities Podcast is to produce a weekly podcast with examples of people moving towards freedom and away from force.

Most of our episodes will consist of interviews with people who are actively involved in this peaceful transition, or historical examples of people who have moved towards a freer society.

Decentralization is a huge component of moving people towards more freedom so, some of our episodes will look at the growing trend of decentralization in business and how flatter structures can result in better feedback and better products. Peaceful voluntary co-operation between individuals has been responsible for the enormous growth in human prosperity, and we believe that markets can and do provide services better than governments can. I hope you enjoy the podcasts and articles on this site. The purpose of the content is to demonstrate that voluntary co-operation between individuals is the best solution to problems. Please feel free to provide feedback and provide suggestions for future guests on the show.

-Anthony Caprio


Below are some links to things discussed in this episode:


Bob Murphy Anarchy in Somalia   https://mises.org/library/anarchy-somalia

St. Augustine City of God Book 4 Chapter 4 http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/120104.htm

I Pencil by Leonard Reed http://www.econlib.org/library/Essays/rdPncl1.html